Victory Gardens presents:
How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden

Episode 1: Planning

When people ask us how to be successful in their gardens, our answer is unequivocally, without a doubt, always: Planning! There are many considerations when it comes to what to grow and in this episode, you will discover some of the basics on how to plan for a productive and bountiful season!

Episode 2: Soil

The foundation for any healthy, successful and bountiful harvest is the soil in which the plants grow! No doubt soil can be a pretty complex subject, in fact, some people do their masters degree in the science of it, but in this episode, we break down some of the basics to encourage healthy soil for your veggies to live in and love!

Episode 3:
Seeds & Transplants

In this episode, we cover what you really need to know about how to grow from seed and transplants. This video walks you through when we seed and when we transplant and why, seeding pointers, various seeding techniques, how to transplant, and thinning seedlings.


Episode 4:
Winter Gardening

In this episode, we cover some winter gardening basics, so you can grow food all year round! This video covers: the region we live in, winter vs. overwinter gardening, timing, planning and crop rotation, appropriate varieties to grow, and how to keep your veggies warm over winter using mulch, floating row cover and hoop houses.

Episode 5:
Growing Garlic

Garlic is one of the most rewarding crops to grow in the veggie garden, not to mention, it’s easy! In this episode, we cover the basics of growing garlic: When to plant, what kinds to grow, what conditions it prefers, how to keep it happy over winter, and when to harvest.



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