At Victory Gardens, we use a holistic approach to transform urban environments into food-focused ecological landscapes. The gardens we create are not just beautiful, but productive and ecologically beneficial.

Commercial Gardens

We create engaging gardens in commercial, corporate, and community spaces. From installation and maintenance to group coaching, workshops, and connections with community partners, our gardens make a powerful positive impact.

Home Gardens

Our clients invest in their home spaces for a variety of reasons, including the rewarding feeling of growing their own food, building an environment that supports physical and mental wellness, and creating a healthier urban ecosystem for people, pollinators, and the planet.

Full Garden Transformation

Whether they began as blank slates or required demolition, these spaces have been transformed by our team and dedicated subcontractors. Professional landscape design drives our process and ensures that entire spaces are beautiful and productive, with an emphasis on ecological and food-focused elements.

Our Services

Design & Build

We design and build custom gardens for all types of spaces. Book a consultation to explore your options.


We offer coaching for all levels of experience and will develop a custom educational journey for your needs.


We use organic practices to maintain vegetable, fruit, and ornamental gardens all season long.