We help YOU grow FOOD!

We Build. We Teach. We Grow.

Victory Gardens is a Vancouver based worker co-operative of urban growers who help you grow food in YOUR SPACE, FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION! As no two spaces are the same, neither are the gardens grown. We are your one-stop-shop for food growing: We build your garden, we teach you how to grow in it, or we will even grow food for you! We build gardens in all types of spaces including: Back and front yards, patios and rooftops, for businesses, educational institutions and private homes! Not sure how to grow, we offer a selection of educational services to help you achieve the success you and your team are looking for through-out the growing season!

With your own Victory Garden, you will decrease your impact on the environment, support your own local economy, create a healthy environment with organic food and participate in the movement towards new and sustainable food systems within our community.

The History behind “Victory Gardens”

The inspiration for our name -Victory Gardens- plays off the WWI and WWII era campaigns that encouraged the public to utilize residential space around them for food production. People unified around a common goal to work together as a community to become more self-sustained. A resounding sense of camaraderie prevailed among the people that participated in this movement instilling a sense of pride and contribution towards one’s community.


Victory Gardens were as important then as they are today, so be a food hero and grow your own!

Sam Philips, Lisa Giroday and Maxim Winther offer a diverse selection of backgrounds and skill-sets. Among the group, there are farmers, master gardeners, sustainable product developers and seasoned entrepreneurs. Through their commitment to new and sustainable food systems, the group formed with a desire to participate in the solution.

Your Victory Gardens Team

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Lisa Giroday

Garden Design/Build & Marketing Manager


With a background in environmental studies, sustainable product development and entrepreneurship, Lisa will be your garden consultant and educator, dreaming up all the ways you could use your space for food growing and how we can help you get there!


Sam Philips

Garden Coaching Manager


Master Gardener, avid food grower, forager, preserver and lover of all things DIY and home-made, Sam will be your garden trainer, coach and manager, teaching you how to grow an organic veggie garden AND ensuring it’s success along the way!

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Maxim Winther

Garden Maintenance Manager


Having developed his gardening skills and passions on an organic farm in the West Kooteneys, Maxim is excited to continue sharing his knowledge and love for food in the urban world. Expect friendly visits to establish beautiful garden beds and happy plants throughout the year!

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Jenna Jaski

Coaching, The Classroom Gardener, and Installations


Jenna’s background in environmental science and organic farming has cultivated a love for urban gardening. Jenna will coach you in your in your garden, maintain your vegetable garden and work with students teaching kids how to grow!

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Kimberly Peterson

Maintenance and Installations


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“Anna Galvin is one of an increasing number of Canadians who’ve opted to exchange all or part of their lawn for a food garden. After fighting a losing battle with the European chafer beetle, she contacted Victory Gardens, a Vancouver-based company that helps people grow food.” Check us out on CBC.


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“Experimenting on your own is one way to learn first hand exactly how invasive mint can be, or whether beefsteak tomatoes can really ripen in rainy North Van. As Lisa Giroday says cheerfully, “Put seeds in the ground. You’ll learn something.”” Check us out in the Vancouver Sun.